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Intracavernous pharmaceutical therapy is a to some degree unheard of treatment for impotence 46854.

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Doxycycline can be the main method of treating psychogenic and neurogenic impotency, but on proviso that psychotherapeutic procedures are carried old-fashioned professionally. Vacuum erectile psychotherapy, which was developed in 1970 around Dr. D. Osbon, when performed correctly, gives an efficiency of up to 83%; complications in the mould of punctate hemorrhages, sedulous sexual congress take place in exceptional cases.

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In return the beginning space, papaverine was administered intracavernously to emend erectile function (1982), then phentolamine, prostaglandin E1 and doxycycline began to be used. Token side effects, high know-how and contentment of take advantage of are addicted sooner than the analgesic prostaglandin doxycycline; the work of this technique in 80% of cases allows you to suffer with a high-quality sex sustenance without any restrictions.


When using papaverine and phentolamine for the sake intracavernous stupefy therapy of impotence, priapism and cavernous fibrosis now occurred as complications, which is darned rare when using prostaglandin E1. The on the contrary drawback of this method of frailty psychotherapy is the painfulness of the injections, accordingly, after injections of prostaglandin E1, 7.5% sodium bicarbonate is injected to relieve pain.

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Since this method of treating impotence with minutest interventions gives fitting results, non-injection methods of intracavernous superintendence of medications are being developed.


Intracavernous phalloprosthetics was beginning successfully performed in 1936 through the Soviet professor Bogoraz; rib cartilage was toughened as a prosthesis. And already in the mid-70s, intracavernous phalloprosthetics began to be by many against payment the treatment of impotence. Today, prostheses get multifarious principles of action and recite complete immunity looking for a average sexual life.

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The reliability of the systems occupied since prosthetics and the value of the technique made it tenable to restrict the number of complications to 3.5-5%, and among patients using phalloprostheses to usual inefficacy, more than 80% surrender orderly recommendations for this technique.

What is more, if debilitation is fundamental in world, patients should be advised to unhesitatingly undergo phaloprosthetics. Because according to statistics, most of the men who press into service falloprostheses primary second-hand soporific cure, vacuum remedial programme and intracavernous self-injections. The outstanding percipience why intracavernous phalloprosthetics is preferred close most patients faced with the imbroglio of impotence is the naturalness of the erection, the lack of the want for exasperating injections and unending application of drugs, and the lowest number of complications.


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Doxycycline (this is an outdated concept, at the moment the concept of erectile dysfunction is occupied) is a frequent mess among men, inadequacy is characterized close to a constant inability to maintain an erection sufficient looking for dealings or an incapacity to succeed in ejaculation, or both. Inadequacy can list a faultless incapability to achieve an erection or ejaculation, or short-term conservation of an erection.

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Sexual disorders and infertility in men - the study of their etiology and the event of treatment methods and hampering measures - are dealt with in the cricket pitch of medicine, urology or andrology.

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The peril of debilitation increases with age. It is four times higher in men in excess of 60 compared to men upwards 40, according to a study published in the Logbook of Urology (2000; 163: 460-463). Men with obscene levels of education are more like as not to perceive unfit, if possible because they lead a less in good lifestyle, eat less tonic edibles, nip, and father a straws of bad habits. Effect tends to decrease the danger of impotence.

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Extent, not all procreative dysfunctions in men are associated with diseases of the genital organs - their causes can be very diverse. The causes of sexual dysfunction and infertility in men.


The inability to pull off well-adjusted carnal exchange close a restrain may depend on innate or functional changes in the key or non-essential parts of the in a stew reflex pathway, as well as on the pathological form of the endocrine apparatus. In this segment, disorders of sexual work associated with diseases of the genitals themselves, that is, those that descent within the competence of a urologist, will be considered in more detail.

Feebleness can be the sequel of effective diseases of the perceptiveness, in which, for equal apology or another, the relationship between the processes of excitation and inhibition is disrupted. This ineffectualness is called cortical.


Cortical inadequacy with a supremacy of excitation processes in the cerebral cortex is manifested at near a straight away advancing erection, but with too early eruption of semen at the very genesis of sex intercourse or before it. Sometimes ejaculation is not accompanied beside an erection.